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               Welcome to our agency, which provides high-quality employees for logistics, manufacturing, and services

Let's get acquainted!

LogisticBrothers - Your trusted logistics partners. We are an experienced employment agency specializing in providing workforce solutions for the logistics, manufacturing, and services industries. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to our clients in terms of employment, training, and other business services. We take pride in our professionalism, flexibility, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Together, we create modern logistics by delivering innovative solutions, optimizing processes, and ensuring the success of our business partners. Choose LogisticBrothers as your trusted logistics partner, ready to meet the highest requirements and achieve mutual success!

LogisticBrothers We are a dynamic recruitment firm specializing in sourcing qualified workers for various industries in the Netherlands. Our recruitment agency offers a full range of services, from candidate selection to reference verification and employee recruitment.

With our knowledge and experience, we help clients from various industries find the best candidates for positions in logistics, manufacturing, technical, and services sectors. Our recruitment agency has been operating in the Dutch market for many years, earning the trust of many satisfied clients.

Whether you are looking for a good job or need qualified workers for your company, contact LogisticBrothers. Our recruitment agency is always ready to assist and offers comprehensive recruitment solutions.

Our Vision.


  1. Recruitment for the logistics industry: We offer qualified employees for warehouses, distribution centers, and freight forwarding companies. We hire employees for positions such as forklift operators, warehouse workers, and truck drivers.

  2. Recruitment for the manufacturing industry: We offer qualified employees for manufacturing companies, including machine operators, assemblers, quality controllers, and production line workers.

  3. Recruitment for the technical industry: We offer qualified employees for technical companies, including maintenance technicians, machine mechanics, and engineers.

  4. Recruitment for the services industry: We offer qualified employees for service-oriented companies, including service technicians, janitors, and caregivers for the elderly.

  5. Our recruitment agency provides comprehensive recruitment solutions, from candidate sourcing to reference verification and hiring. Thanks to our services, clients gain access to qualified employees who are ready to start working in a short period of time.

Company Profile.


LogisticBrothers is a recruitment agency with extensive experience, specializing in sourcing qualified workers for companies operating in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, technical, and services. Our company offers a full range of recruitment services, including:

* Sourcing candidates from various sources such as job boards, social networks, industry contacts, and our candidate database.

* Verification of candidates' qualifications, professional experience, and references.

* Conducting qualification interviews with candidates before submitting them to the client.

* Support in the recruitment process, providing advice and guidance.

We operate quickly and effectively, delivering qualified workers in a short timeframe. Additionally, we provide transportation for workers to and from work to facilitate their daily commuting. Our company always prioritizes quality, and all our employees are properly trained and possess the necessary qualifications and experience.

In our recruitment process, we focus on understanding the requirements and expectations of the client, allowing us to match the best candidates to the specific position. Our candidate database is extensive, ensuring access to candidates ready to start work in a short time.

Why should you trust us? We have been operating in the market for many years and have received numerous positive feedback from our clients. Our extensive experience in recruiting workers for various industries allows us to accurately match candidates to the client's requirements. All our employees are properly trained and possess the necessary qualifications and experience. We also provide support in the recruitment process, offering advice and guidance to ensure a smooth and seamless process.

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